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Book Two, "Ryland"


Ryland returns home only to learn of his brother's death. As the funeral pyre burns, grief hollows his heart. Ryland looks down at the sniveling child clinging to his leg, and the others huddled with their mother. He faces the prospect of becoming Regent to his brother's children, or killing them all to regain his family's lands for himself.

Set in Henry VIII's England, widow Kate and her young sons flee for their lives. Ryland's brother Marcus returns from Ireland and they seek the murderer, Kate and their nephews.

The King fears this clan of seers will topple his reign, just as the matron of their family saved his father with her premonition.

Each must choose their destiny in the struggle for survival.


ISBN 9781304634412,  301 pages, 6x9 paperback, $17.95


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